Aurora Stake

Aurora Stake is a BNB&BUSD&USDT Miner Protocol with up to 8% Daily rewards
Aurora Stake provides stability from the volatile market and an advanced DeFi protocol to earn yield on BNB, BUSD or USDT. Our advanced boost mechanism gives the advantage back to the serious yield farmers.


We offer stability from volatile markets and a passive income solution through liquidity mining and yield farming. Our Aurora Stake protocol offers a hedge against the downtrend, earning a yield independent from the market.
Our yield farming contracts are settled in BNB, BUSD and USDT, allowing investors to choose their risk level corresponding to market exposure. Secured by the Binance Blockchain, we're putting security first with a reliable smart contract platform.
At Aurora Stake we're bringing these solutions to the people and giving back power to their money. We aim to build a thriving community of like minded enthusiasts as we continue to release more exciting features.

Basic Information

Got 2 minutes? Check out an overview of our protocol:
  • Earn 3% up to 8% yield daily
  • 2 plans with funds lock
  • 1 plan without lock funds
  • Anti-Whale Features
  • Innovative system to protect liquidity
  • No tax is applied on compounding liquidity
  • Anti-Drain Functionality
  • 10% Referral commission